Patty is a national award winning photogrpher located in Centennial, Colorado, USA. Photography has been a love of hers since she was young.

"I like to shoot images that tell a story, evoke an emotional response or memory, or give a sense of wherever my travels and life take me so you can experience it too."

"It's hard for me to pick ONE thing I like too shoot, but I especially like historical, documentary, people and garden images. I love shooting an image and sharing it with the subject and seeing their reaction."

Patty has traveled the world through photography and hopes her photography will help you travel as well. Her travels have taken her to Dubois, Wyoming, and Smith Island in the Chesapeake to document the lives of those communities; and most recently to the Aeolian Islands of Italy with Pulitzer Prize Award Winner, Jay Dickman, founder of FirstLight Workhsops.

Patty L Bodwell